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Burmester B25 Floor Standing Speakers

The Burmester B25 is a small, ported speaker standing about 42" tall, 8" wide, and almost 14" deep. It follows Burmester's usual three-way design of tweeter, midrange, and side-firing woofer with rear-panel bass-reflex port. All of its drivers were initially developed to be used in the Bugatti Veyron. These are claimed to meet strict tolerances—only the best 10% of these are used, apparently. All drivers are burned in for two weeks using a 10Hz continuous sine wave for the midrange (at 10W) and woofers (at 250W), and a 7W continuous pink-noise signal for the tweeter. The drivers are then measured and matched by computer to be within ±0.5dB of their specified frequency responses. The actual performance of each driver is filed so that a B25 in the field can receive a new driver that precisely matches the one being replaced.