Boulder 1010 Preamp and 860 Power Amp - As Traded

Boulder 1010 Preamp and 860 Power Amp - As Traded


Boulder 1010 Preamp and 860 Power Amp - As Traded

Condition: Excellent

The Boulder 1010 Preamplifier uses the new 983 gain stage first designed for the 1012 DAC Preamplifier. Its surface mount construction combines the best of discrete and micro-circuitry with performance approaching the renowned Boulder 993 used in the 2000 series. The 983’s ability to drive cables to the power amplifier is on
par with the 993, making the cable’s length virtually insignificant.

Special attention was given to the phono stage using four-layer circuit boards, advanced component placement and Boulder’s sonically superior multi- stage design. Switchable gain settings allow both MM and MC cartridges to be used. Your irreplaceable vinyl recordings will be reproduced clearly and more faithfully than ever before.


ANALOG INPUTS 3 Balanced Line, 1 MC/MM Phono OUTPUTS 2 Balanced Main, 1 Record
PHONO Hi(MC) / Lo(MM) Gain Selection VOLUME 100 dB range in 0.5 dB steps
MAX GAIN 20 dB Line, 80 dB MC Phono MAX OUTPUT 14.0 Vrms
FREQ RESPONSE +0, -0.03 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
THD+N, 2V OUT 0.0015%, 20 Hz to 20 kHz SYSTEM Boulderlink to Power Amps
SIZE 18.0 wide, 5.75 high, 15.85 deep (in.) WEIGHT 35, Shipping: 49 Pounds
POWER 220/240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 75 W Max

The 860's linear output section channels 150 watts of stable, high-current power into any load to reveal all of the force, delicacy, and texture hidden in your music collection. The 860 offers a peerless list of design and engineering features: a muscular linear power supply with a massive toroidal transformer for powerful and instantaneous energy transfer. A pair of XLR inputs leading to a full-balanced, differential, three-stage input circuit to pass the audio signal from source to amplifier free of distortion and noise. Rugged binding posts to provide tight, low-impedance contacts.


Two-channel, solid-state, remote-controlled power amplifier.

Inputs: two balanced (XLRs). Outputs: two pairs of ¼" thumbscrew terminals, 12V trigger.

Maximum output power: 150Wpc (continuous) into 8 ohms (21.8dBW), 300Wpc (peak) into 4 ohms.

Voltage gain: 26dB. Input impedance: 50k ohms balanced, 25k ohms unbalanced.

S/N Ratio: 108dB (unweighted, 20Hz–22kHz, no reference given).

THD: 0.0035%, 20Hz–2kHz; 0.018% at 20kHz.

Channel separation: >112dB.

Dimensions: 17" (435mm) W by 7.38" (190mm) H by 15.25" (390mm) D. Weight: 45 lbs (20.5kg) net, 56 lbs (25.5kg) shipping.