Ayre K-5XeMP Preamp with VX-5 Twenty Power Amp

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Ayre K-5XeMP Preamp with VX-5 Twenty Power Amp

Condition: Used in Excellent Condition

Ayre K-5XeMP offers a significant advance in the musical performance of high-fidelity equipment. The warmth and immediacy of a live performance are apparent from the first listening. The combination of superb resolution and a natural, relaxed quality will draw you into the music, time and time again. This level of performance has been implemented using the highest level of workmanship and materials. You can be assured that the Ayre K-5E will provide you a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Ayre VX-5 twenty fully-discrete, fully-balanced, zero-feedback amplifier features our exclusive Equilock circuitry and our Diamond output stage giving it both the power and control for the most demanding musical passages. The VX-5 twenty is every bit the refined and sublime musical masterpiece you have come to expect from an Ayre product. With the addition of our new Diamond output stage this amplifier packs a punch so palpable you will find yourself clinging to the essence of every note. This would be a perfect a power amp anyone looking to upgrade for a number reasons audiophile sound quality, built quality, great value for money and best in its class. 

Comes with box and remote control