Audia Flight THREE S Integrated Amp

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Audia Flight THREE S Integrated Amp

Condition: Used In Excellent Condition

Flight Three S has solidly built casework with a thick aluminum (10mm) front panel, positive-action metal push button selectors, and a nicely-weighted pleasing to the touch aluminum volume knob, all expertly crafted and finely finished.

In your hand you’ll also find a compact, ergonomic remote control hewn from solid aluminum. A large, blue OLED display will keep your eyes informed about

the input choice (each input can be named as you choose) and other feature selections as you engage them. Inside the Flight Three S’s sophisticated electronic interior are a series of critical features that make this integrated amplifier perform well above

other integrated amplifiers within its category. An high performance ALPS Blue potentiometer provides an accurate volume control at all settings.

Eight power supplies are in charge of all amplification stages up to the driver transistor stage, with 13.200uF total capacitance available for

the stabilized power supplies until the driver transistor section. Four high-current power supplies (72.000µF) are then dedicated solely to the output driver

stages. If that’s not enough, all inputs feature sealed relays in an inert atmosphere and gold terminations! And, as following our philosophy for best

sonic performance, the logic control section features its own toroidal transformer and is connect to the analog section via photo-couplers only.

Driving your speakers are two 100 Watt amplifiers with a large 576VA toroidal audio transformer.

In short the Flight Three S is a dual mono design, with Audia Flight’s current feedback circuitry design, a sophisticated preamp section, and deep,

well-controlled bass that brings your loudspeakers and your music alive with a powerful, stunning sonic picture.

This unit is only a few months old

Comes with box and remote control