Pass Labs XA25

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Entering their 22nd year of production, the X and XA power amplifiers have remained at the cutting edge of audio through continuous innovation and refinement. At Pass we build amplifiers with excessive output stages, huge heat sinks and massive power supplies. We use the highest quality components in simple linear topologies, assembled and tested with great care in Auburn, California. The measure well and sound great. They are heavy, reliable and expensive.

Gain -ξ20 dB gain
Output Power -ξ25 Watts rms @ 8 ohms 50 Watts rms @ 4 ohms
Distortion -ξ0.1% @ 25 Watts, 8 ohms, 1 KHz
Class A envelope -ξ50 Watt peak for 2, 4 or 8 ohm load
Bandwidth -ξDC to -2 dB @ 100 KHz
Noise -ξLess than 50 uV output, unweighted 20 to 20 KHz
Damping Factor -ξ500
Slew rate -ξ100 V/uS
Input Impedance - ξ47 Kohm
Peak Current -ξ10 Amp output (200 Watt peak into 2 ohms)
Protection -ξShutdown at 10 amps output
Idle Power draw -ξ2.0 Amps @ 120 VAC (240 Watts)