Pass Labs XA160.8

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More of just about everything: 72 output power-MOSFETs, higher input impedance, higher capacity power supply and the ability to deliver over 320 watts per channel in class A with greater dampening. The 160.8's deliver power and finesse in spades. Voices take on shape and depth, piano notes arrive with full acoustic integrity and the rest of the rhythm section is delivered with both powerful attack and holographic sustain. The effortless conveyance of musicality and realism must be heard to be believed.

Class -ξA
Type - Mono
Gain (dB) -ξ26
Full Pwr @ 26 dB gain (V) -ξ1.79
Low Frequency Response -ξ1.5 Hz
High Frequency Response -ξ100 KHz
Power Output /ch (8 ohm) -ξ160
Distortion (1 KHz, full power) -ξ1%
Input Impedance (SE & BAL Kohms) -ξ50/100
Damping Factor -ξ200
Output Noise (uV) -ξ200
Current Draw @ Idle (Amps)- ξ4.8
Power Consumption (Watts)-ξ580
Temperature (deg C.) - ξ53
Number of Chassis -ξ1
Unit Dimensions (W x D x H) (In.) -ξ19 x 21.5 x 11
Unit Weight (LBS) -ξ123