Pass Labs XP-10

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Designed with considerable technical improvements over past preamplifiers, the XP-10 showers the listener with a more dynamic sound, cleaner and more accurately delineated bass lines and a greatly refined spatial envelope. Though the current entry-level line-stage preamplifier, this descendant of the highly acclaimed and successful Pass Laboratory's X series preamplifiers sounds and measures significantly better than its predecessors.

Overall Gain-ξ-65 dB to +10 dB
Volume Steps -ξ83
Remote - Yes
Inputs -ξ5
Outputs -ξ2
Frequency Response -ξ-3dB @ 2 Hz and 60 kHz
Input Impedance -ξ96k bal, 48k single-ended
Output Impedance -ξ1000 Ohm bal, 150 Ohm SE
CMRR -ξ-60 dB, 1 kHz
Cross-talk -ξ-90 dB, 1 kHz Ref 1V
Signal to Noise Ratio -ξ< -110 dB, Ref 5V
Power Consumption (Watts) -ξ10
Number of Chassis -ξ1
Dimensions, Each Chassis -Œæ17äó?W x 12äó?D x 4äó?H
Weight (LBS) -ξ20
Shipping Box Dim -ξ23 x 18 x 10
Shipping Weight (LBS) -ξ25