Linn Majik 140

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Do you know what good about Linn products they just sound dam good and most of there products also come in great colours which I think also great because its very difficult to get audio products in different colors these days and something else about the Linn systems that its all hand assembled in the factory Scotland since 1974, very few company have that kind of pedigree and passion for great products. This single box system is great for anyone who loves good sound but with a modern take on how you your music gets accessed either you may like to stream music such Spotify or Tidal just to name a few or you may like just to play your favourite radio stations or play your iTunes music libaray all this and more and another cool feature is having your new smart TV or DVD players audio to play via the Linn system all this is possible. 

  • Music streamer available in silver and black
  • HDMI and digital and analogue inputs
  • Free smart tablet software
  • 4 speaker array floor standing speakers
  • 7 color options in speakers