Lyngdorf MH-1 MkII - As Traded

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Lyngdorf MH-1 MkII Floor Standing Speaker

Condition: Used - Great Condition
This is a true reference speaker with an amazingly open and
transparent musical performance. Details, precision and real
life dynamics are the keywords for the Lyngdorf MH-1 MkII.
This remarkable system employs selected quality drivers with
the best technologies available, making it one of the best
sounding speakers on the market. A truly noble piece of audio
art forming a perfect partnership with the open sound from
any Lyngdorf amplifier.
The woofers are 6" drivers with highly advanced Sliced Cone
diaphragms to eliminate any audible coloration from break-ups
in the cone. They also have the patented SD-2 Dynamic Linear
magnet structure for high efficiency and low distortion.
The famous Dual Ring Radiator tweeters ensure extremely
fast response time and ultra-low distortion.