Linn LP12 Turntable Promotion | Ends 31 Jan 2024.

$2,000 OFF*

*Until January 31st, 2024, purchase any complete LP12 and you can choose to use your $2000 towards your LP12 now or use it towards upgrades. Give us a call on 02 9561 0788 to order before 31 Jan 2024. We will build your LP12 before it ships to you anywhere in Australia. Free delivery.

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Unmatched for five decades, Sondek LP12 remains the pinnacle of record player design. An icon that’s still evolving. A revolution that's still revolving.

Built By Us.

Every LP12 that we sell is hand-assembled by us, right here in Leichhardt, Sydney. As the LP12 is a living, almost-breathing product, we take the time to ensure that it is brought to life correctly and within Linn's recommended specifications.

Our resident Linn LP12 expert, has been trained and developed directly by Linn to ensure that every LP12 that we deploy is performing at its best.

Whether you're looking at a new LP12, or servicing and existing one, Audio Connection's got you covered.

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