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Wireless HiFi Speakers


Celebrating 60 years of acoustic innovation

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A World's First.

The Next Level of Wireless Systems

LS60 Wireless is the world’s first Single Apparent Source wireless system. The unique Single Apparent Source technology is adapted from KEF’s flagship Blade speaker. By precisely placing the LF drivers equidistant around the Uni-Q driver array, it achieves the acoustic ideal of a point source where low, mid and high frequencies radiate from one single point.

Smart and Powerful

The KEF LS60 is an incredibly impressive system. Combining a media music streamer, an AV Receiver, amplification and speakers into two slim cabinets is a feat of engineering the likes the world has not seen before. 

The LS60s will comfortably fill large rooms with rich music and deliver huge performance. 

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Availability and Stock

The KEF LS60 is available in three stunning finishes - Royal Blue, Mineral White and Titanium Grey.

We're expecting to see stock around July or August 2022, but this timeline may change given current shipping restrictions.