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Modern audio systems have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days where music lovers had to choose between visuals and audio performance. Modern manufacturers place as much emphasis on acoustics as they do on aesthetics, and we have a large range of options in our portfolio. Bring your home to life with a system that sounds good, looks good, and is easy and simple to use.

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Smart Cabinets.


LS50 Meta is a piece of sculpture that livens up your life. Designed to enhance your living room with a variety of colours to compliment your style. Can be placed on a bookshelf, entertainment unit or displayed on the matching stands. 

LS50 Meta

The World's First Speakers with Metamaterial Great loudspeakers disappear, leaving just the music. LS50 Meta is such a loudspeaker. The incredibly...
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  • Titanium
  • Royal Blue Special Edition

For those who are after simplicity without the complication of having multiple components. All you need is an internet connection and a pair of LS50 Wireless II. Simply connect to the speaker with your phone via the app and stream your favourite music directly to the speakers. Various colours available to compliment your living space.

LS50 Wireless II

The Ultimate Wireless HiFi LS50 Wireless II is more than a high-performance loudspeaker; it’s the perfect all-in-one speaker system. It reveals...
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  • Crimson Red Special Edition

A compact system designed to fit almost anywhere. LSX is the speaker system for the way we listen today. From streaming to gaming, from TV to multi-room music, LSX is designed for all your home entertainment needs. Play what you like, how you like & where you like. With no need for a cable to connect the two speakers, and no separate amps or other equipment to worry about, you can position them wherever you like. Wave goodbye to visual clutter, without sacrificing sound quality.

KEF LSX Wireless Speaker System

Rediscover stereo. Rediscover music. LSX is the sound system for how we listen to music now: a true two-box wireless music...
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Think a Little Differently.

By Gallo Acoustics.

Gallo Acoustics.

Check out the possibilities with Gallo.

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Home Decor Speakers,

A'Diva SE. A’Diva can be mounted practically anywhere, in cabinets or on book shelves for example, without exciting bass resonance problems. Thanks to its low distortion and incredibly coherent sound, the highly adaptable A’Diva can be used just about anywhere, including two channel stereo, home cinema, multimedia, multi-room and custom installations.

Gallo Acoustics A'Diva SE

Gallo Acoustics A'Diva SE - Spherical Speaker - Each The A’Diva SE features a proprietary ultra-wide dispersion flat-diaphragm transducer capable of...

Living Large.

By Linn.

Enjoy impeccable sound and style with a music system you can customise to perfectly complement your home. Series 5 features Linn Fabrik, enabling every speaker to be uniquely tailored to your taste. And with Linn's ground-breaking Exakt technology on board, you will always hear a performance that's optimised for you and your home.

Linn Series 5 Speaker System

Customised Audio Important Note: When you purchase this item, we will contact you to confirm colours before we process the sale.  Enjoy impeccable...