Technics EPA-B500 - As Traded

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Technics EPA-B500 tonearm base with 501H tonearm in great used condition 

Condition: Used Cond

Up for sale is a very rare Technics tonearm in very nice condition. Technics has researched the problem of cartridge/tonearm matching and developed the world's first variable dynamic damping system. By matching the damping characteristics to the compliance and mass characteristics of the cartridge, Technics has succeeded in greatly lowering the low-frequency resonance peak of the cartridge/tonearm assembly. The EPA-500 arm base has further expanded on this concept so that you will now be able to obtain performance from your cartridge by selecting a tonearm with the most suitable effective mass, arm resonance, and damping. 

The EPA501H tonearm features interchangeable arm units, titanium nitride tapered pipe arm, dynamic damping system, Gimbal suspension arm base for various arm units, helicoid height adjustment ranging up to 20mm and minimum bearing friction of 7 mg in all directions.