Linn Klimax Kontrol and Klimax Twin 500 - As Traded

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Linn Klimax Kontrol and Klimax Twin 500 - Pre and Power Amp

Condition: Used in Excellent Condition

Here is Linn's top of the range pre and power amp from Linn. Linn at this level is exceptionally built with cast aluminum chassis and array of features, like dynamic power supplies and balanced ins and outs and needs to be programmed by its user to determine which of the rear-mounted input jacks a given source is connected to, choosing from among one pair of balanced inputs (XLRs) and three pairs of unbalanced inputs (gold-plated RCAs). I had no true balanced sources to hand, but I did use the Klimax Kontrol's balanced outputs with the similarly balanced-design to Klimax amplifier. 

Linn Klimax 500 Twin is two channels of Linn's patented Chakra amplification, machined-from-solid enclosure, and a Dynamik Power Supply make this our highest performing stereo amplifier. Two channels of Linn Chakra power amplification. Other features include a hefty 200 W per channel (into 4 Ω) with Dynamik power supply with electrical and mechanical isolation between power and audio circuit boards, energy saving automatic signal-sensing circuitry, fault detection and protection against excessive loads and much more.