Gryphon Pendragon

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Gryphon Pendragon Loudspeakers 

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Pendragon is a name historically associated with ancient kings of the Britons, most famously, Arthur of Camelot. The Gryphon Pendragon, the most ambitious reference loudspeaker system in the history of Gryphon Audio Designs.

Pendragon employs a further refinement of the self-powered bass tower made famous in its predecessor, the revolutionary Gryphon Poseidon system Pendragon pairs it with four Air Motion Transformer (AMT) drivers and a two-meter tall ribbon in an open baffle configuration for ideal coverage of an exceptionally wide frequency range extending from 16 Hz to 32 kHz.

The transparency, speed and spine-tingling musical realism of the resulting system set new standards for audio virtues such as resolution, timbre and soundstaging, illuminating the music in ways previously experienced only occasionally in glimpses or fragments of a speaker's overall performance, but rarely in a true full-range system.

But before we get too deeply embroiled in the merits and technologies of the Pendragon, it is fitting that we pay homage to the Danish mathematician, inventor and audio theoretician who inspired Gryphon founder and CEO Flemming E. Rasmussen to introduce loudspeakers to the Gryphon portfolio.


- Three-way, four-piece loudspeaker system

- System response 16 - 32,000 Hz, + 3 dB (depending on Q setting and room size)

- Separate active crossover network for each channel isolated in bass tower

- Four dipolar AMT (Air Motion Transformer) super-tweeters per channel in vertical array

- Wideband, dipolar thin-film planar magnetic, line source ribbon driver

- Linear, push-pull ceramic magnet system

- Reinforced, low-diffraction open high frequency baffle

- Custom designed Gryphon Class A / B bass tower amplifiers, 1000W continuous, 4000W peak

- Eight custom-built 8 ”bass drivers for extreme speed and precision with massive air displacement

- Integrated Linkwitz-Greiner Q Controller

- Triple-magnet bass drive motor system for maximum force and precise focus

- Sealed bass enclosures with extensive internal bracing

- Combination of pure wool and synthetic interior damping materials

- Gryphon internal wiring

- Remote control for Mute, Q setting, Bass Level and Low Cut

- L link remote start-up circuitry

- Non-invasive protection system

- Stylish string grille for driver protection

- Designed and built-in Denmark