The Gryphon Scorpio S
The Gryphon Scorpio S
The Gryphon Scorpio S
The Gryphon Scorpio S

The Gryphon Scorpio S

The Gryphon Scorpio S - CD the Way You Always Knew It Could Be

Gryphon Audio Designs has an unrivalled track record for innovation in High End audio. In the field of CD player design, the story begins with our very first digital source component at the close of the previous millennium. The Gryphon CDP-1 CD player introduced the world to the sonic improvements offered by upsampling, a technology now ubiquitous in digital audio.

Refusing to rest on our laurels, the successor to the CDP-1, Gryphon Adagio, took digital musicality to the next level with asynchronous 24-bit/96 kHz sample rate conversion. After further refinement of this technology in the Gryphon Mikado, the implementation of 32-bit/192 kHz upsampling in the acclaimed Gryphon Mikado Signature represented another giant leap forward, once again breaking new ground and blazing a trail for others to follow.

Sharing much in common with the flagship Gryphon Mikado Signature, the Gryphon Scorpio front-loading CD player offers striking exterior design and build quality to match its advanced technologies and extraordinary level of musical richness, clarity and soul.
Scorpio S vs. Scorpio

The Scorpio has never been out of our program, but there were some small changes in year 2017.

The AKM DAC-chip (AK4397EQ) we used in the Scorpio was unfortunately discontinued.

The Scorpio S uses therefore a new AKM DAC-chip (AK4490EQ).

We do not offer an update from Scorpio to Scorpio S. We needed to add the “S” since the units aren’t 100% identical.
  • Four Dual-Differential 32-bit/192 kHz AKM asynchronous digital-to-analogue converters with separate regulated power supplies
  • Upsampling to 32-bit/192 kHz for enhanced sonic performance
  • Gentle digital filter roll-off for ultra-pure high frequencies
  • Two custom-built, temperature-compensated crystal oscillators with better than 5 parts per million accuracy
  • European transport with front loading metal trayŒæ
  • True class A, fully discrete analogue circuits with no negative feedback
  • First-order analogue filter with silvered Mica capacitor
  • +/- 20 VDC regulated voltage supplies for best THD and noise suppression in analogue sections
  • Separate custom-built Noratel toroidal transformers for digital and analogue sections
  • 15,000 microFarad power capacitor banks per channel
  • Ultra-short signal path with minimal Internal wiring
  • Balanced analogue outputs with PCB-mounted gold-plated Swiss Neutrik XLR sockets
  • 75 Ohm BNC S/PDIF digital output
  • 4-line, 20 character display with user-selectable illumination (High/Medium/Low/Off)
  • Remote control (also for basic Atilla integrated amplifier functions)
  • Designed and built in Denmark

Technical Specifications

4 x 32bit/192kHz D/A-Converters from AKM
Dual differential topology
Up-sampling to fs = 192kHz
Dual Mono
Discrete build class A analog stages
Output Level, balanced: 4Vrms
Power Supply capacity: 40.000uF
Weight, netto: 9.6 kg