DALI Zensor 5AX - Active Speakers

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DALI Zensor 5AX - Active Speakers

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The ZENSOR 5 AX is based on the technology of the ZENSOR 5. They share the same passive crossover, which is paramount for getting the characteristic ZENSOR sound quality. The build-in amplifier is integrated in the left speaker, while the right speaker is a passive ZENSOR 5 speaker. The great thing about these speakers is that you dont need any complex electronics, no unwanted cables, no jumble of remote controls, nothing but pure uncomplicated enjoyment.

Build in is a powerful 2 x 50W stereo all digital amplifier delivers the audio signal to both loudspeakers and is designed to bring out the best from its ZENSOR host regardless of the signal type. You can use Bluetooth and Apt-X if your device supports it, you can connect an analogue source with a mini-jack or an optical via TOSLink.

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