TruAudio REV8-LCR.2 8" Revolve 2-way In-Ceiling LCR Speaker

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TruAudio TRU‐REV8‐LCR.2 8" Home Theatre LCR Loudspeaker is one of the quality product from TruAudio which consists of 2-way LCR designed specifically for in-ceiling home theater, 8" angled carbon fiber woofer, 1" titanium tweeter. Comes with two interchangeable Ghost grills (black and white). 5-125 watts, 8 ohm. Sold each.All professional installers will occasionally have issues with window and door placement, room layout, or even a fireplace that could impede a proper home theater install. The REV Series easily solves those issues by allowing you to put quality sound in the ceiling. An angled housing that rotates and an adjustable mid-range tweeter bridge provides directionality of sound to the listening area. Following its debut, the REV Series was awarded several design awards, including “Product of the Year” by Electronic House for innovation and value.

Key Features

  • 2-way LCR designed specifically for in-ceiling home theater
  • Ghost style grill
  • Woofer mounted on a 22° angle to better direct low frequencies
  • Proprietary rotating bridge to direct high frequencies
  • Woven carbon fiber delivers smooth sound over all frequencies
  • Adjustable tweeter and woofer controls