Gryphon Legato Legacy MM/MC Phonostage

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Gryphon Legato Legacy MM/MC Phonostage

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Gryphon re-invented LP playback once again with the Legato phonostage. The word “legato” is from the Italian for “bound together.” In classical music, it is a composer’s instruction to play in a smooth, flowing manner without detached notes.

Briefly discontinued, the Gryphon Legato phono stage has been revived by popular demand in the Legato Legacy version to harvest the fruits of our explorations into the latest circuit topologies, low-noise component breakthroughs and power supply innovations in the service of the vast body of music that will continue to enlighten the lives of dedicated music lovers for years to come.

Fully balanced from input to output, with no op-amps or IC´s, the Gryphon Legato Legacy is available in modular or stand-alone versions. The two versions are identical with regard to circuitry and sound quality.

When installed in the Gryphon Pandora preamplifier, the modular Legato Legacy is powered by the preamp power supply. Legato Legacy modules can be factory-fitted or added at a later date.

The stand-alone Legato Legacy is a stylish slimline cabinet that can be driven by its own power supply (identical to the power supply developed for the massively over-the-top Pandora preamp) or by your Gryphon preamplifier power supply.

In both configurations, the sensitive low-level signal is fully shielded in a dual mono, RF-free environment with no internal wiring, fully sealed PCB’s specified to the highest standards, zero negative feedback and DC coupling.

Designed to fully exploit the inherently balanced nature of the phono cartridge, the Legato Legacy phonostage employs the finest balanced LEMO connectors. Impedance loading is selected via a high quality, Swiss precision attenuator which can be bypassed once the owner has identified the optimal load.

Critical components are sourced from suppliers with extensive experience in building to the tight tolerances specified for military or medical equipment. Final assembly and testing are conducted in-house.


- Selectable MC input impedance from 10 Ohm to 47 kOhm

- Custom impedance load option

- Selectable gain

- MM or MC input

- Extremely low noise

- Dual mono configuration

- Fully balanced circuit, a Gryphon phono stage innovation as early as 1994

- Fully discrete circuit

- Select premium-grade components

- Swiss LEMO connectors

- Zero negative feedback

- Short signal path with no internal wiring

- Available as stand-alone unit or as integrated modules in the Gryphon Pandora and the Gryphon Sonata-Allegro preamplifiers.

- Dual mono external power supplies

- Custom-made C-core transformers

- DC coupling

- AC mains filtering

- Fully sealed double-sided mil spec PC boards

75 µm copper traces

- Made in Denmark