dCS Puccini CD/SACD/DAC player with Puccini U-Clock

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dCS Puccini CD/SACD/DAC Player with Puccini U-Clock second hand 

Condition: second hand 

Updated to latest specification.

Built to the highest specification, Puccini features a sleek, solid aluminium fascia, high grade aluminium casing, metal buttons and a smooth transport mechanism. Whether in CD, SACD or DAC mode, Puccini will extract every last bit of detail from your music, bringing a realism to the experience that you have never heard before.

In common with the Scarlatti and Paganini ranges, Puccini uses our proprietary DSD signal processing and dCS Ring DAC™. When playing a CD or a source via the digital inputs, Puccini can up-sample conventional PCM to DSD and offers the choice between PCM or DSD playback.

A number of optimized DSP filter options elevate the performance further and allow listeners to use Puccini as a standalone DAC or the ultimate one-box CD/SACD player.

The Puccini range features the award-winning Puccini U-Clock which is a separate Grade 1 system clock to further reduce jitter and improve performance. Matched with the Puccini Player it improves on an already spectacular sound and takes it into an entirely new domain. With the clock added, images snap into sharper focus and the music displays a substantially greater sense of authority and power as well as offering noticeably higher resolution of detail.

Puccini U-Clock also features a USB-to-SPDIF converter, which lets owners play high resolution audio from a computer through the legendary dCS Ring DAC™ inside the Puccini. 

The unit has some marks 

Just in from a fresh service by dCS in the UK.

Comes with a 6 month warranty.