Classe CA-M600 Mono Power Amplifiers As Traded

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Classe CA-M600 Mono Power Amplifiers

Condition: As Traded in As New Condition

Frequency response 1 Hz – 100 kHz, -3dB
Output power 600W rms into 8Ω (27.8 dBW)
1200W rms into 4Ω (27.8 dBW)
Harmonic Distortion <0.002% at 1 kHz balanced
< 0.004% at 1 kHz single ended
Peak Output Voltage 226V peak to peak, 80V rms no load
206V peak to peak, 73V rms into 8Ω
Input Impedance 50kΩ balanced / single ended
Voltage gain 29dB balanced / single ended
Input level at clipping 2.86V rms balanced / single ended
Distortion >100dB below fundamental into
8Ω balanced / single ended>90dB below fundamental into
4Ω balanced / single ended
Signal to Noise Ratio 120dB at peak output into 8Ω
Measurement Bandwidth: 22 kHz
Output impedance 0.03Ω @ 1 kHz
Standby power
consumption < 1W
Rated power
consumption 823W @ 1/8th power into 8Ω
Width 17.5” (444mm)
Depth 17.52” (445mm) (excluding connectors)
Height 8.78” (223mm)
Gross weight 100 lb (45.4 kg)
Net weight 88 lb (39.9 kg)