Ayre AX-5 Twenty

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Ayre AX-5 Twenty stereo integrated amplifier ex display 

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Up for sale an Ayre AX 5 Twenty, one of the best integrated amplifiers available. It features Ayre's double Diamond output stage and exclusive EquiLock circuitry. A Shallco solid-silver contact switch for gain control, this fully-discrete, fully-balanced, zero-feedback integrated amplifier provides a complete solution for your modern music system. 

The key to perfecting the AX-5 was to incorporate the Variable Gain Technology (VGT) of the award-winning Ayre KX-R preamplifier into the power amplifier section. The addition of ultra-transparent FET input selector switches completed the transformation of a basic power amplifier into a compact one-box solution which will become the heart of your high-performance audio system. 

Comes with box and remote control