Audio Experience "Concerto Plus" phone preamp

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Audio Experience "Concerto Plus" phono preamp in used cond


Up for sale is a very nice valve phono stage from Audio Experience "Concerto Plus" series. This is a high-end phono stage embodies the newest thinking of YS-audio dedicated and enthusiastic technical design YS Chui . The unit has 47dB of gain, and, just as importantly, the Concerto boasts an low noise level, so in practical use, the 47dB gain is usable in systems with low overall sensitivity. The Concerto uses a 6X4 rectifier tube with solid state regulator for HV B+ power supply and a 12AX7 for the gain stage. The Concerto Plus is design for the MM cartridge and High output MC cartridge. The input impedance is 47K ( accept order other impedance ). The Concerto all hand made by "point-to-point" .