Arcam SOLO Movie 2.1

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Arcam SOLO Movie 2.1 music system in black ex display 


Up for sale is an Arcam Solo Movie 2.1 system in very nice condition. This a very unique combination of stunning sound quality and ease of use presented with discrete but stylish design have redefined what is possible from an integrated system. Recognising that many music lovers desire home theatre functionality without the complexity of a surround speaker setup, Arcam present the Solo Movie 2.1, the perfect solution for music lovers who also seek a high performance movie experience.

This Arcam Solo Movie 2.1 delivers a fully evolving sound delivered by either a stereo pair of loudspeakers or smaller “satellite” speakers with a companion subwoofer. Remaining true to the original music, no artificial processing is employed thus eliminating the de-focused image and compromised dynamics typical of “pseudo surround” effects so often deployed in such systems. The Solo Movie 2.1 features powerful 50wpc audiophile grade power amplifiers. These deliver a performance that captures every nuance of the original recording with the ability to drive demanding full range speakers.