Passlabs X1000.5

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The X1000.5 includes improvements to powerξtransformers, paralleled high speed / soft recoveryξrectifiers, more paralleled power supply capacitors,ξrefinements to the front-end input circuits, and theξaddition of single-ended Class A bias circuits forξbalanced single-ended Class A at low power levels. ξDimensions 483(W) x 293(H) x 712(D) mm Weight
99.8 kg
Class -ξAB
Type -ξMono
Gain (dB) - 26
Full Pwr @ 26 dB gain (V) -ξ4.47
Low Frequency Response -1.5 Hz
High Frequency Response -ξ100 KHz
Power Output/ch (8 ohm) -ξ1000
Power Output/ch (4 ohm) -ξ2000
Distortion (1 KHz, full power) -ξ1%
Input Impedance (SE & BAL Kohms) -ξ30/20
Damping Factor -ξ200
Output Noise (uV) -ξ200
Power Consumption (Watts) -ξ700
Temperature (deg C.) -ξ53
Number of Chassis -ξ1
Dimension (W x H x D) (In.) -ξ19 x 11.2 x 27.5
Unit Weight (LBS) -ξ183