TAGMcLaren F1 AvantGarde - RLA 4 Way Floorstanding speakers

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TAGMcLaren F1ξAvantGardeξ- RLA 4 Way Floorstanding speakers Rare Find - Used

Location: Leichhardt Store

Condition: Used

TAG McLaren Audio is renowned for its engineering skills and technologicalξachievements. Quickly recognised for outstanding design and functionality,ξour award winning products are appreciated for their sound-quality, styleξand distinction. The F1 AvantGarde loudspeaker builds on this tradition byξpushing the boundaries of loudspeaker design into new realms.
Is there a perfect loudspeaker, a loudspeaker that can trulyξreproduce music as it was originally performed? Until now many compromisesξhad to be accepted, preventing the perfect loudspeaker fromξbeing built. Perfection would require a stiff, dense, resonance freeξcabinet, without parallel structures, sharp edges or symmetry. Suchξcharacteristics would minimise diffraction and coloration resulting inξan unparalleled transparent and spatial sound.

F1 AvantGarde Loudspeakers (left and right)
LF extension -10 dB @ 20 Hz (-3 dB @ 27 Hz)
(in room)
Response uniformity Œ±1 dB (80 Hz äóñ 20 kHz)
Sensitivity 87.5 dB/W/m
Impedance 6 ‘© nominal
Distortion <0.3% T.H.D
(ref. 1 W, 100 Hz äóñ 20k Hz)
Power amplifier requirements 15 W
minimum recommended
Maximum S.P.L. 118 dB (in-room)
Operating temperature range 18 äóñ 35 ŒÁC
Width 350 mm
Height 1150 mm
Depth 450 mm
Weight approx. 65 kg each loudspeaker

No box, packing and instructions.
One speakers is suffering from sagging paint on the front. A few small nicks and scratches

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