Passlabs X150.5 150 Watt Class AB Stereo

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X150.5 150 Watt Class AB Stereo

The smallest stereo in the X.5 series, offers a nice basic stereo power amplifier. Quite musical it fits well into multi use systems, shared between music and films.
Excellent choice for both dialog and music.

X150.5 / Specifications
Gain (db)26
Power Output /ch (8 ohm)150
Power Output /ch (4 ohm)300
Input Impedance,(Kohms)30 / 20
Leaves Class A @ pk Watts10
Power Consumption (W)200
Dimensions (W x H x D)19 x 7 x 19.2
Unit Weight (LBS)62
Ship Weight (LBS)62
Ship Weight (LBS)75