Dali Rubicon 5, Floor Standing Speakers

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RUBICON 5 is a floor standing speaker. It expands the sonic performance of the RUBICON 2 by adding a hybrid tweeter and a larger cabinet offering more of everything. Extending and widening the high frequencies for improved detail, and adding more well timed deep bass for a more demanding presence. The RUBICON 5 is perfect for stereo listening or as the front speakers in a medium sized surround setup. Further to this in producing superior sound at a sizeŒæthatäó»s just right for the averagely proportioned living space, the RUBICON 5 is the first of the floor- standing speakers within the family. Combining that bigger internal capacity with our unique ribbon/soft dome hybrid tweeter module, the RUBICON 5 extends and widens higher frequencies to deliver a flawless soundstage of impeccablyŒæcrisp detail and perfectly precise bass response to bring your music to life.Œæ