Hovland Company Sapphire Power Amp

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Hovland Company Sapphire Tube Power Amp
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Music lovers who own or have heard Hovland products realize these components are unique statements about our passion for music and devotion to the audio arts. Each design is created with the sole purpose of advancing the quest towards a palpable and captivating music experience. Only when we have achieved this goal do we release a new product. The performance of the Sapphire hybrid power amplifier trancends its understated look of elegance and simplicity. Its technical accomplishment can not be assesed through a listing of its parts or circuit details, and its dynamic drive capability is belied by its modest 40 watt power rating. This is a component that must be heard to be understood. Audition the Hovland Sapphire and you will discover a true gem of uncommon beauty, clarity, and magical musical presentation.
Custom, ultra fidelity, hand-crafted output transformers. Special oversize power supply design (25 lb. power transformer). Independent, choke filtered high voltage supplies for each channel. Hybrid solid state and vacuum tube circuitry. Tube complement utilizes 12AU7 and EL34 tubes. Ceramic tube sockets used throughout. No global feedback only carefully applied nested feedback used (minimal around the output transformers). Hovland Generation 3 shielded silver-plated interconnect used for critical signal path wiring. All other internal wiring is mil spec, Teflon insulated, silver-plated wire. Hovland Company s acclaimed MusiC_ film-and-foil capacitors used in key circuit locations. Input bridging switch is included for 80 watt monoblock operation (output jumpers available optionally). Convection cooling of internal amplifier components and output tubes is provided by heatresistant, borosilicate glass ventilation cylinders. Convenient bias/metering circuit with easy to read bull s-eye meter. Rigid, well-damped main chassis made of 1 thick solid aluminum plate. Stable three point chassis support with provision for user-added cones or other footing.
Amplifier output power: 40 watts/channel stereo; 80 watts mono
Input sensitivity: 0.91 volts for 40 watts
Input impedance: ~ 680K‘©, unbalanced
Amplifier voltage gain: 26 dB, non-inverting, 8‘© load
Frequency response: α 0.2 dB, 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Output impedance: 4‘©, 8‘©, 16‘© stereo / 2‘©, 4‘©, 8‘© mono
A-weighted S/N ratio: 82 dB below 1 watt out
Harmonic distortion, 1 watt/channel: <0.1%, 20 Hz and 1 KHz; <0.2%, 10 KHz
Harmonic distortion, 40 watts/channel: <1%, 1 KHz; <1.5%, 30 Hz; <3%, 10 KHz
Tube complement: Driver (2)-12 AU7 Output (4)-EL34
Power requirements: 2 Amperes
Casework dimensions: 18.5" W x 17.5" D x 8.125" H (with feet)
Net weight: 82 pounds (37 kilograms)
Specifications are subject to revision without notice