Linn Majik 109 Bookshelf Speakers

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Location: Leichhardt Store

Condition: Pre-Owned/Trade In

With original box and manual

Some slight scuff marks as pictured on top of speaker but only visible in certain light when looking very very closely, excellent condition all round trade in, Look great and sound even better!

Oak finish - RRP $1,995.00



The Linn Majik 109 bookshelf loudspeaker delivers a surprisingly big sound from a compact loudspeaker.

The distinctive 2K driver array acts as a single-point source to ensure exceptionally clean and controlled high frequencies. Wherever you position your speakers, youäó»ll get exceptional performance throughout the room.

A bass reflex port is hidden behind the driver array and provides deep and musical bass without the need for a large cabinet. The combination of driver array and front-firing port means Majik 109s can be positioned close to a wall and still sound great.


- 2K driver array for clean and pure high-frequency reproduction and flexible positioning
- High quality 5äó? drive unit delivers pitch-accurate musical bass
- Front ported bass system allows extended bass and greater positioning flexibility
- High quality crossovers ensure accurate music reproduction across the full frequency range
- Simple upgrade path from single to multi-wiring / amping to fully Aktiv configuration

Majik 109 is a three-way bookshelf loudspeaker which delivers astonishing musical performance never before heard from such a compact unit.

Majik 109 features Linnäó»s 2K driver arrayäóÁí__äóîäóÁí__an evolution of the array technology found in Linnäó»s highest performing loudspeakers. This technology houses two high-frequency drive-unitsäóÁí__äóîäóÁí__a tweeter and super-tweeteräóÁí__äóîäóÁí__in a dedicated cast alloy chassis, ensuring wonderfully clean and pure high frequency reproduction. The unique design of the 2K driver array provides even dispersion for exceptional performance, regardless of where the loudspeakers are placed in a room.

A bass reflex port is hidden behind the 2K driver array and provides deep and musical bass without the need for a large cabinet. The use of a front-firing port means Majik 109 can be positioned close to a wall without compromising bass extension.

Majik 109 will perform to an astonishing level whether mounted on specially designed Majik 109 steel stands, on the wall using a Linn Brakit, or simply placed on a bookshelf.

Even higher levels of performance can be easily achieved with a range of upgrade options from bi-wiring through to fully Aktiv configuration.

Available in a choice of high-grade, real-wood veneer finishes, the timeless design of Majik 109 will enhance your living space.

Majik 109 is part of the Majik loudspeaker range, which includes Majik 140 and Majik Isobarik floor-standers, Majik 112 centre channel, and Majik 126 bass reinforcement loudspeaker. With a model to suit practically any type of room, and enhance any stereo or surround sound system, Majik loudspeakers provide the perfect introduction to Linn performance.
*available to purchase separately


Date of introduction October 2008
Type 3-way bookshelf loudspeaker
Dimensions (H) 327 mm x (W) 192 mm x (D) 256 mm
(H) 12.9 inches x (W) 7.6 inches x (D) 10.1 inches
Weight 5.92 kg / 13 lb
Cabinet Volume 9 litres
Impedance (passive) 4 äóÁí£_
Impedance (Aktiv bass/mid) 7 äóÁí£_
Impedance (Aktiv tweeter) 7 äóÁí£_
Impedance (Aktiv super-tweeter) 7 äóÁí£_
Efficiency 88 dB for 1 watt at 1 metre (1 kHz)
Frequency response (passive) 72 Hzäóñ20 kHz +
Frequency response (Aktiv) 65 Hzäóñ20 kHz +
Crossover options Fully passive or fully Aktiv
Connection options Up to three-way multi-wire/amp passive; three-way Aktiv.
4mm banana plugs or spades
Finishes Black Ash, Rosenut, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, White
Upgrade Stand (available separately) Black / Silver
(H) 600 mm x (W) 250 mm x (D) 320 mm
(H) 23.6 inches x (W) 9.8 inches x (D) 12.6 inches

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