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High-end solid-state preamplifier

The Nagra MELODY solid-state preamplifier establishes new levels in terms of sonic transparency and exactitude. Everything within its high precision electronics contributes towards musical realismξrespecting the slightest detail and nuance. The Nagra MELODYξmaintains the traditional ergonomics and Nagra look, with the modulometer on the front face to indicate the output signal level.

Circuit design

The Nagra MELODYξis built using exclusively discreet components of audiophile quality, and transistors that are individually tested and matched. Levels can be increased by 12 dB using a simple switch, thus the preamplifier can comfortably handle sources supplying weak output signal levels. The design concept allows the Nagra MELODYξto operate in a sovereign silence and perfect stability, leaving the music to display its detail in total harmony.

Remote control

Remote-controllable (Volume and Mute)


The Nagra MELODYξsports five inputs on RCA connectors and two switchable outputs, one on RCA and the other on XLR connectors. The latter can be bridged with the XLR input if needed for Home cinema application.

Phono option

The Nagra MELODYξcan be equipped with a high-performance phono stage, inspired from the renowned Nagra BPS preamplifier. This phono module accepts both MM and MC signals, it features Nagra hand-wound step-up transformers identical to those in the BPS and VPS.

Power supply

You may choose to use the built-in power supply to run the Melody. If you wish to take the Melody to the next level, you can upgrade it with an external power supply, either the ACPS-II or even better, the fully-fledged MPS multiple power supply.ξ


ξ ξ
Input impedance ξ > 75 K Ohms
Output impedance ξ 47 Ohms on RCA 100 Ohms on XLR
Frequency response Œæ 10 Hz äóñ 50 kHz (+0 / -1 dB)
Signal to noise ratio ξ > 100 dB (ASA A) Ref 1 V
Dynamic range ξ > 110 dB Gain at +12 dB
Minimum input level to reach 0 dB (meter) ξ 0.25 V rms Gain at + 12 dB
Maximum input level to reach 0 dB (meter) ξ > 25 V rms Gain at 0 dB
Total harmonic distortion (THD) ξ <0.02 % @ 1 kHz, 1 V rms without load
Crosstalk ξ > 75 dB



ξ ξ
MELODY consumption ξ 230 V 30 mA 12 V 140 mA Standby <10 mW
Power supply ξ 115 V or 230 V AC Factory set
Dimensions ξ 310 x 254 x 76 mm 12.2 x 10 x 3 inches
Weight Œæ 3.2 Kg äóñ 7 lbs MELODY unit alone


Phono option

ξ ξ
Sensitivity High ξ MM 2.2 mV rms
ξ ξ MC 0.67 mV rms
ξ ξ Ref. 1 V rms output
Sensitivity Low ξ MM 16 mV
ξ ξ MC 4.4 mV
ξ ξ Ref. 1 V rms output
Signal-to-noise ratio ξ > 75 dB (ASA A) Ref. 1 V rms
Crosstalk ξ > 70 dB @ 1 kHz
Distortion ξ < 0.02 %
ξ ξ @ 1 kHz, 1 V rms
ξ ξ without load
ξ ξ + 1 / 0 dB
Bandwidth ξ

20 Hz äóñ 50 kHz